Stelly Ekonomi

Finances can feel both difficult and stressful. Stelly’s mission is to give companies the support and tools they need to focus on what they do best. Our job was to transform the established Stavegren och Partners into the new and improved Stelly Ekonomipartner.

Stelly’s brand was built on the perception that people often think finances are tricky and overwhelming. We wanted people to see Stelly as the personal and knowledgeable partner who untangles all the tricky financial problems that might appear. Based on strategic reasoning, we created a comprehensive brand platform, brand identity, and website prototype. With Stelly, finances are never troublesome!

Brand Platform
Print Materials
Visual Identity
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Stelly Ekonomipartner Business card in green
Totebag with Stelly Logo on it
Imagery for Stelly's new brand identity
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Image of part of the website
Color Scheme for Stelly
Image of some of the founders in black and white
Social Media branding for Stelly
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Several was incredibly to the point and professional to work with! The whole process was very smooth and we are delighted with the result.
Emma Karlsson / Partner / Stelly Ekonomipartner
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