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How we do it

DEsign as a Service

At Several, we offer you the opportunity to access a team of designers and communication specialists through our "Design as a Service" solution. Tailor your package with the flexibility of selecting 25, 50, or 75 hours per month, all at a fixed rate per hour. Save unused hours for the upcoming month for full flexibility. As an adaptable extension of your marketing department, we excel at handling creative processes and production with technical expertise, strategic insight, and visual finesse.

Branding Per PRoject

You also have the option to choose Branding per Project, a more project-based solution that offers a comprehensive brand upgrade, including visual identity, logo design, and brand guidelines. Regardless of the solution you select, all of these services are delivered within a clear and fixed cost structure.
Minimum Viable Brand
Scale Up Brand Package
Full Identity Rebrand
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What People Say

Several is the agency I have been dreaming about. They are really good at framing the brief, structuring the project and very agile. The end result was amazing and our team at Hyper Island were very impressed by the quality of their work.
Mariana Treigher /  Digital Marketing DIRECTOR / Hyper Island
Severals ability to capture our core values and come up with a healthy outside perspective has been appreciated. The cooperation has helped us stay on the right course and strengthen our position. We look forward to more collaborations in the future!
Theresa Schedvin / COO / Blankens
Fantastic work made of fantastic people, we are super happy with everything they have made for us. We can not in words describe how thankful we are and how much we would recommend them to others! Wow wow!
Amalia Mortensen / Founder / Cucina Povera
The deliverables were incredibly good-looking, well beyond expectations!
Nic Staeger / Head of Ecommerce / Cervera
Image from outside of the office.