Coop Skärgården

Conceptualizing and framing a project called Coop Skärgården. The initiative allows customers to collect grocery bags from lockers strategically placed in three locations or get them delivered to selected piers in the archipelago.

We created a new visual framework for Coop Skärgården to create a sense of recognition for both islanders and temporary visitors of the archipelago. We crafted copy, illustrations, and graphic design for digital and printed formats. On top of that, we made playful motion graphics with tailored sound designs used for advertising. Ahoy!

Carried out in collaboration with our friends at 41all.

Print Materials
Motion Design
Digital Content
Brand Platform
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Sonic Branding
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 Coop Skärgården case of a OOH design in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Collage of three illustrations for Coop Skärgården
Copy for the campaign
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OOH Design in the Subway for Coop Skärgården
Illustrations of a crayfish, dill, knife and a hand for coop skärgården
End slide with logo and two fishes swimming out of the design
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